"Fuel Tax"

 Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the 2-cent per gallon Fuel Tax:



How much is the Fuel Tax?

Heating fuel marketers are required to pay 2-cents for every gallon sold in Vermont to the state.


How come it is now on my bill?

When the legislature converted the tax to cents per gallon last year they allowed the tax to be

itemized, much like the efficiency charge on your electric bill.


What is the money used for?

The money from the Fuel Tax funds Vermont’s low income weatherization program.


Is the new Fuel Tax the carbon tax I have been hearing about?

No. The proposed Vermont Carbon Tax would add much more to a gallon of fuel. Up to $1 a gallon for some fuels.


How do I stop that from happening?

Contact your state representative and state Senator and tell them you don’t support a carbon tax. They need to hear from you. Contact information can be found here: http://


You can also go to stopthetaxes.com to learn about the carbon tax and sign and online petition



*This information was taken from the VFDA website. 





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