I'm moving, what's next?

Many customers have questions about the fuel in their tanks when they move out of their current location. Whether you are selling your home, or leaving a rental the steps are similar. We recommend that all transfers of fuel take place at the closing for sellers or are worked out with your landlord prior to moving for tenants. This allows for a seamless transition for both parties involved. Realtors/landlords can read the percentage on the tank gauge just prior to closing/moving and determine the amount due to sellers/tenants for any remaining fuel.*


Recommended steps:


Oil Consumers:

1. Call our office to stop Automatic deliveries.

2. Set up a cleaning and tank inspection if needed. 

3. Just prior to the closing have the realtor do a tank reading to determine how much fuel is in the tank and what is owed to you at the closing.*

4. Contact us once you have sold the home to make your account inactive and to settle any balance or request a credit if one is due.


LP Consumers:

1. Call our office to stop Automatic deliveries

2. Discuss the options for LP proration with your realtor

3. Contact us with the closing date as soon as it is known...


Sellers: please contact us as soon as you know your closing date. This allows us time to schedule a tech to lock or pick up the tank if needed. We can only credit you for the LP in the tank at the time we pick it up or lock it. If new homeowners have moved in and used the LP we cannot credit you for their used portion.


Buyers: Please set up an account with us prior to closing if you will be using Jackman Fuels as your LP provider. This ensures we do not remove or lock the tanks and that there is no break in service to your new home. This is especially important in the winter when there is a potential for a home to freeze. If you will not be using us as your provider please be aware that there will be no access to LP upon your arrival to your new home. You should arrange for your chosen provider to set tanks the day of closing to avoid a potential freeze up or lapse in service.


4. Contact us once you have sold the home to make your account inactive and to settle any balance or request a credit if one is due.




*Please note: While gauges are a great way to determine gallons in a tank they can at times be inaccurate. If you have concerns about the gauge on your tank it is recommended you have the tank filled prior to the closing/move in order to rule out any error. This typically works well for Landlords too, as their tenants start with a full tank and could be required to fill it before moving out.



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Dont Forget...

We are here to help you plan for the future! Let us know if you are thinking of replacing an existing unit or need help budgeting for heating costs.

Aboveground fuel storage tanks:

If you have concerns regarding the condition of your Oil tank please contact our office. We can schedule an inspection of your tank and let you know if you need to make upgrades. If your tank appears in good working order you can wait to have it inspected at your next annual cleaning. You may not apply for financial assistance for tank upgrades until we have inspected your tank. For more information give us a call.

Stay Current

To ensure continued deliveries and service you must keep your account current. Customers with an over 60 day balance should contact our office to discuss a plan to get back on track.